What are students ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

Jonathan Bagiotti, Contributor

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Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and that means that students are starting to get their gifts ready to give to their family and friends. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that occurs on the 14th of February where people give gifts to one another to show their love and appreciation for each other. There are tons of different gifts and ideas you can do for Valentine’s Day and still Valentines Day is a stressful holiday for many people due to trying to find the perfect gifts to give.  When there’s so many options for gifts to give, along with a variety of people’s taste in gifts, the struggle to find a gift that will impress the person you’re buying for can be a challenge.

To solve this struggle of finding the perfect gifts to give for Valentine’s Day, 37 people that are currently in their middle school through college years were interviewed to get a general vote on what they would want as a ideal gift, and the results were as following:

  1. Stuffed Animal / Teddy Bear: 16 votes
  2. Chocolate / Candy: 14 votes
  3. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend: 10 votes
  4. Flowers: 9 votes
  5. Memory Jar / Letter / Notes: 5 votes
  6. Fun date and food tied with: 4 votes
  7. Jewelry and going to dinner tied with: 3 votes
  8. Lip Balm / Makeup and clothes tied with: 2 votes
  9. Balloons: 1 vote

Based on the results shown, It shows that most kids want the usual, not over the top, Valentine’s Day gifts. Out of the 37 people interviewed, some varied their answer having more than one thing as their ideal Valentine’s Day gift, resulting in the number of people and number of votes not being equal. Most of the mentioned gifts are also very inexpensive and most can range on the cheaper side, making it easy to please younger ages. While only 37 people were interviewed, answers and results can vary to person to person due to the fact that everybody has their own taste and style in what they like receiving, so just because some of the higher ranked items received more votes, doesn’t mean every person is going to have the same reaction and appreciate it as much as others. The results are also not people’s IDEAL Valentine’s Day gift due to the realistic aspect of it, but the data shows that students don’t expect a lot for Valentine’s Day and are satisfied with the common gifts people usually receive on Valentine’s Day.

Due to the different number of answers by people, this shows people have different things that would be ideal for them for Valentine’s Day, These are the results, of how many options they gave as gift ideas of from the 37 people:

  1. 1 option given as ideal gift: 16 people
  2. 2 options given as ideal gift: 9 people
  3. 3 options given as ideal gift: 9 people
  4. 4 options given as ideal gift: 3 people

Based on the results it turns out almost half of the people know exactly what they want or have an idea due to the higher numbers in lower amounts given. Overall all the data, the cheaper more basic Valentine’s Day gifts turned out to be most favorable with people mostly having one thing as their ideal Valentine’s Day gift and with some having a range of gift options that would satisfy them just as much.