Annie B. Feldman, ESE Facilitator

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Annie B. Feldman, ESE Facilitator

Chelsea B. Pierre-Vil, Contributor

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Annie B. Feldman is the support facilitate for South Broward High School. She has been working at this school for a very long time. She enjoy’s her job , she would like to see everyone succeed no matter what.

“I believe everyone learns differently and believe everyone deserve a chance,” said Feldman.

She has been here at SBHS longer then most teachers. Feldman loves all of her bulldogs she consider the students as her very own children. Feldman one day plans on retiring although it will leave heart broken .

“I have never given up on a student,” she said,”I continue to help all of my students to look at the better sides of things.”

She checks her students grades and make sure they are on track for graduation, not leaving a child behind.  Feldman enjoy’s reading and hanging out with her family and friends out of school.

She also enjoy’s finding other way’s to help her student’s reach their goals by researching online and read several books on how to make the kids understand what they what and help them succeed.

Also, as she loves helping the kids , she realize that everyone has a story and everyone have different dreams but what is most important is that she help’s them all to Visualize what they are already capable of.