I’m Lost Without My Agenda


Rachele Paul, Contributor

We need to bring back South Broward High School’s agendas. Why? Because I’m lost without it. 

When I was a freshman, they gave us an official school agenda. I got to jot down all my tests, quizzes, school activities and things that I needed to remember. What I liked best was in the back –  the home numbers and the calendar, which gave me all the days I need such as PSD days, school events, tests and holidays. 

So now that I’m a sophomore, I really miss it.  

I can have one, but at a cost of $ 5.00 each.  They sell it that way because they were expensive and students either left  it in the office or left it at home or kept using it as a fake hall pass. 

South Broward High School can bring back agendas. Here are some ideas that I think will be helpful for the school and  the administration: 

If they were too expensive to give away they could sell them, but they should lower the price to like $2.00. 

Some students don’t have the money, so they could order a few and give them away as prizeslike to the students that’s have the best grades. 

They could pre-order them for next year, by going to the school store.  After school hours, students could order them on the school’s website. 

The rest of the students who don’t need or want them, can do whatever they want. So, South Broward High School, if you’re listening: I want my agenda!