The Key To Life


Aubrey Blanche

Colleagues communicate to better understand each other.

Tramya Stephen, Contributor

Imagine not ever being able to use your voice. Going around the streets not being able to express your opinion at all, for any matter.

Communicating is something powerful and a necessity for a healthy life. Nothing can really be done in life without having some type of communication between two parties.Whether you’re speaking among friends, peers, teachers, family or partner.

You should always use your voice in a positive way. Never bring somebody down by being negative; If you’re going to criticize make sure it’s positive criticism. One should never want to feel good about making somebody else feel bad about themselves.

For example, if you are addressing a teacher or teachers about your grades; addressing them in a respectful, easy-going manner would be more appropriate than being rude or not saying anything at all. Not speaking up and using your communication skills could lead to misunderstandings or maybe even a grade you’re not really satisfied with.Communication.

Though, communication is what some say, “a two way street”. Just as you would like to be listened and understood, it is polite to listen and understand others point of view. Say you’re in a relationship, and you and your partner come across a problem. It is something that is a bother to you, and can possibly ruin the relationship. Having a civilized conversation is healthy between the two can really change things.

Use your words to instead of you actions; words can have a very big impact in life in ones life. And remember to never lose communication- the key to life.