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High School Halloween Parties!

 Halloween is a time for friends, of all ages, to get together and celebrate our old traditions. Halloween has been celebrated annually by children at school and in classrooms. However, once we enter high school our expectations and responsibilities are expected to raise up beyond those of a middle school student. Teachers no longer give their high school students the opportunity to celebrate holidays, such as Halloween, in their classrooms.

“This issue pops up every year…with some schools dropping (Halloween)…and others fiercely holding onto it,” said Michael Osnato, chair of the Leadership Department of Seton Hall University and director of the University Leadership Institute program for aspiring and new superintendents.

The truth of the matter is that Halloween is not a religious holiday, but simply a day that we all get to dress up and create an alternate persona in a fun way.  I’m sure each and everyone of us misses the parties that used to occur every Halloween at school back when we were younger. 

11th grade student, Daniela San Javier, says “We are definitely not too old to enjoy Halloween classroom parties. I miss feeling that closeness with my friends in class, getting to pass around candy and just have a good time.” Daniela also believes that different holiday festivities and celebrations unite us! “Making friends was a lot easier during elementary school years, perhaps because there were more activities and celebrations that brought us together.” , stated San Javier.

    11th grade student, Shamar D. Miguel, says “I remember coming to school dressed up every year, of course those times end once you enter high school due to inappropriate costumes, however I think if rules and guidelines as to how to dress were set for school environments on Halloween, we could go back to enjoying classroom parties.”Shamar believes that we should all receive the freedom to dress up and celebrate the holiday in a school friendly manor. “In elementary school, teachers would also make the day about the historical truth of Halloween, bringing education into the holiday in a fun way. I think this would be a good idea for high school students, keep the memories and traditions flowing even as time passes and we grow older.” said Shamar.

 I think we can all agree on the fact that Halloween classroom parties are missed by each and every single high school student. Bringing them back in an educational and fun way would give us the opportunity to make new friends and new memories to keep forever.


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