Gay Straight Alliance Welcoming All Students

Gay Straight Alliance Welcoming All Students

Max Neuberger, Contributor

  The Gay Straight Alliance Club has long been a place where people of any background, sexuality, and orientation could come together and feel welcomed no matter who they are. This year, they plan to expand.

“This year, our plan is to grow and interact with the student body,” says Michael Rodriguez, president of GSA.

A junior at South Broward, Rodriguez has been with the club since his freshman year. He says “I became president of the club because I saw it almost dissolve last year.” Rodriguez remarks that poor leadership caused this problem, and he decided he wanted to step in and see what he could do.

  GSA’s goal has always been to create a movement for a safer community for LGBTQ+ kids in schools all over the country. South Broward’s GSA Club has been around for years- however, this year they plan to gain more recognition in our own school.

  Mrs. Arteche, the teacher at the helm of the club, says that she wants to create a safe place for students of any creed. This marks her first year with the club. “My son is gay, and so I wanted to just be a part of the community as best I can.”

  She has already accomplished one of the clubs’ plans for the year, which is to register to the National GSA Network- finally making the club official in the eyes of This year, the club will participate in GSA Day for Gender Justice, World AIDS Day, and the Day of Silence- awareness days detailed on the GSA website. 

Luna Izeaguirre is the clubs resident historian.  Her job is to document the year through taking pictures of the members, their offices, events they go to, etc. “I joined because this is a place where I can be who i want to be, without any fear of judgment.”

Richard Souder’s job as treasurer means he keeps track of the money. He says “I’ve wanted to be a part of this kind of club since I was in elementary school. When I came to South Broward in my freshman year, this club is the first thing I looked for.” The entry fee to join is only $10-$15 this year, and he plans to use the money they get to fund future trips.

Newcomer Adrian Zaragoza says “everyone here has been really warm, welcoming, and very open to me.”

  If you are interested in joining, the GSA Club meets every Friday in room 776. All people of any sexuality or orientation are encouraged to join and will be welcomed with open arms by its members, so please- join GSA today.