SBHS Changes from the Inside Out


Sophia Reyes

Parent and student helping cleaning the perimeter of South Broward High School.

Fiona Gleeson, Contributor

South Broward is getting a make-over. It started several years ago on the inside with the addition of the Cambridge program, and a library makeover. Now it’s happening on the outside. 

For two Saturdays in February, teachers, students, PTSO, clubs and sports teams came to the high school to paint, lay mulch, plant flowers, and make the school more attractiveStudents were thrilled to come together and help renew the school, especially one student Sofia Gigliotti.  

“I feel more comfortable walking into a well-managed school, but also knowing that I helped make it amazing encourages me to come to school each day,” said freshman Sofia Gigliotti 

The week prior several volunteers helped prepare the area by moving tree branches, raking up mulch, removing bushes, and flattening out dirt so plants could be planted. With two days of work, and about 120 volunteers, South Broward High School was given a new face.  

Although, none of these changes would be possible without the risk-taking principle Mrs. Patty Brown. Saying yes to a couple of moms has made the High School flourish tenfold. She works hard every day to make our High School community nothing but the best. 

“Seeing so many community members come together to make our school more presentable was heartwarming and encouraging,” said Mrs. Patty Brown. 

This year, A small group of parents came together and formed the PTSO, the beautification day was their first project. Our PTSO president Rachel Mazor pushes to make the organizations ideas become a reality 

“South Broward has so much potential and everyone views it as a rundown school, I want to make parents want to send their children here,” said Mazor.  

The estimated price for all the remodeling was about $8000, which is a large amount of money the school didn’t have. Donations from Rotary Club, PTSO, Office Depot, and alumni are paying for most of the remodeling. Plants, mulch, workers, and machines were all donated to assist in this large beautification 

We are on our way to become an A school, and these changes have positively affected our chances. All around this beautification has made the High School a more welcoming place, for both students and parents. The parents of Kyle Fennel especially are more comfortable sending their son here every day 

“South Broward is now amazing looking inside and out, I’m thrilled to come here every morning and now my parents are more at ease sending me here each day,” said freshman Kyle Fennel. 

The second beautification day was postponed due to weather on the original date, but parents and administration didn’t give up, and rescheduled for the following week. Although, parents still came out to accept mulch and plant shrubs before the rain started.  

“Without our community coming together in assistance these past few weeks, this beautification wouldn’t be possible,” said Ann Gleeson. 

This past Saturday the inside came out for South Broward High School, and these changes were nothing but the beginning on our way to become an A school.