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Lights, Camera, Drama!

Lights, Camera, Drama!

Drama Club prepares for big comeptition

  Teachers give curious and strange glances towards the room that glows with music. Singing and loud voices fill the room. That’s the drama club, working on monologues, solos, duets, and ensembles working for competition.

  11th grader Shelby Jean, an officer of the club, had explained what some of their performances are this year. “We’re currently working on a one act (play) for competition called ‘Edges.’” Jean described what the districts competition is and how it works. “We compete against many schools in the area and there are multiple categories you can compete in,” said Jean. “Districts is the first step in the competition process which, eventually, leads to states.”

  Adrianna Porfiris is a new member of the Drama Club and gave an explanation of her side of what the new act she’s working on is. “The other performance we’re working on is Juggernaut,” said Porfiris. “I think it’ll turn out really good because the leads are great at their acting, their good singers, and with everyone else in it, it’ll look really good on stage.”

 The Junior mentioned a practice that they do to help them relax before they get down to business. “We have a big piano, which we use sometimes, and one of our members or helpers would play. We all have to go along with the music and sing a note and it’s kind of like a warm up, but we usually go over competition performances and our lines.”

  Co-Presidents, Luciano Antonino and Logan Green, are the engine behind the club. “What we strive for is being there for each other and keeping the club standing, as well as raising money to keep us going to competitions each year,” said Antonino. The focus preparing for districts is to get to states.

  “We want to achieve success, want to win superiors and critics choice.” A critics choice is similar to a grand champion for each actor/actress in each category. “We strive for success and happiness, and to definitely have fun, you know, like why are you doing it if you’re not having fun?”

   Green, a Junior, mentioned what he hopes to see this year in the club. “A lot of success and a lot of experience building….I think that’s the main focus, just building confidence and experience for the students and club members.”

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