Top 5 Activities to do during a Pandemic


Lily Pishyk, Contributor

Coronavirus has affected everyone around the world. This sudden pandemic has left so many people clueless on what to do with their everyday lives. From losing their job, adjusting to full-time online school, to learning how to live with your family, there are so many positive and negative side-effects of staying at home; however, with will-power, we can learn to enjoy our stay at home and help this quarantine and pandemic pass by.


  1. Sanitizing / Cleaning Your Home

Many may be thinking to themselves, ‘isn’t this common knowledge?’ The answer is, no. Some people don’t know about cross-contamination and how it may seriously affect your quality of living. With COVID-19, it is ESSENTIAL that everyone takes a few hours to deep clean their home. It is better to be safe than sorry because you may be breathing in terrible bacteria and not even know it.

  1. Meal Prep Your Week

It is highly recommended that people only go out for essentials unless you are an essential worker. So, with this, groceries are things you should plan for. This isn’t a time to be living off of snacks, it is a perfect time to try to incorporate new and healthy foods into your diet. Especially since our immune systems will be impaired from staying inside so much, it is vital to incorporate the healthiest items into our bodies.

“I now eat once a day rather than my three regular meals and I’m very much tired,” said an anonymous teenager.

Some students depended on school meals than their home meals a lot of the time. But with proper planning, discounts, and deals, there are healthy and affordable meals that can be bought.

  1. Making the Bed

Students, parents, young adults, and so on have all experienced a schedule change. It can be hard to get up when you have no reason to get up, especially for teenagers.

“I don’t get out of bed anymore, I feel numb…” said an anonymous teenager.

This is easier said than done. Many teenagers may be experiencing a form of depression, especially being surrounded by people that school or work allowed them to escape. This requires willpower and the want/need to be better. It starts off by waking up and making your bed. This simple activity can give you the confidence boost you need to not procrastinate on your homework, to exercise, to clean your room, etc.

  1. Indulging in Hobbies

With this heavy amount of free time, it allows us to do the activities we have been craving to do before. We can finally write that story, finish that painting, make that new food dish, etc. Just get up and do it!

Some activities you can do besides that can be reorganizing your room, finishing your sketchbook, creating poems, or reading that book you never got to finish.

Look up youtube tutorials of simple exercising techniques you can practice in your own home, look up painting or drawing tutorials, do some online shopping (just make sure to sanitize the package).

  1. Breathing in the Fresh Air

Yes, you read that correctly. Although many of us feel as though we can be stuck inside, glued to our screens, quarantine does not mean staying cooped inside 24/7. Go for a family bike ride. Go for a walk. You just have to keep in mind social distancing rules and keep away from people. Also, make sure to wear a mask if necessary. With this historic minimal pollution, even going into your backyard and having a barbeque is such a nice activity to do with family or whom you’re living/quarantining with.

At the end of the day, Covid-19 is a major worldwide issue and we all have to do our part in many more people getting infected. It may seem unfair that many people’s plans have been ruined; however, this isn’t for the healthy people, this is us helping the weakly immune citizens, asthmatic people, cancer patients, and anyone sick in general. It is our duty in society to not believe every single little exaggerated comment social media says, it is our responsibility to see what public health officials are saying and to keep up with the news.