Hard Work is Paying Off

Band Drum Line is in the journey to success

Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia, Editor

Ba Don Ka Donk Ba Dum Dish

Band, most people see it as an easy class, but in order to be part of such a group, one

must be committed and have a passion about music and what it entails. Musical ability doesn’t just come naturally. Improving one’s techniques takes hard work and dedication.

The sweat and pain made the performance on Spirit Week so memorable and ravishing that every move and every sound was symmetrical. It can be said that their ultimate goal was reached; perfection.

Anthony Correa, a senior at South Broward, certainly loves being part of the Band Drum line. “A stress relieving feeling that turns anger into happiness, that’s what playing the bass drums makes me feel” he said.

Even though they had to stay after school almost every day to practice, all the time they spend doing is worth every second to this students. “Playing with people who enjoy playing as much as you do builds up enough chemistry to push each other, we are a family, not just musicians,” said Correa.

This year there was a change in leadership. Correa says that “Now there is a group that wants to be better and has a bit more drive” which clearly shows that the new teachers in school Mr. Reid and Mr. Esquelin are doing things differently. It seems like its working.