SBHS Baseball Team

Christian Dumitru, Contributor

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The orange marks and stains on their uniforms express how hard the SBHS baseball squad are working to win the season.

Freshman, Daniel Rodriguez explains how he got into the sport. 

“I got into baseball when I was only three years old, my mom wanted me to get into a sport and that was my favorite one to watch and play,” said Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez loves to play second base and outfield while he is out on the pitch.

“I enjoy playing baseball because it’s another life for me, it’s so much fun when you get that burst of emotion and energy when you score for your team,” he said.

Sophmore Vincent Magliarisi tells how his team prepares until they have to run together on to the sandy field.

“Our record is not amazing but having my SBHS baseball family is even better than tally’s on a paper.”

Vincent Magliarisi has only been playing baseball for two years so he is fairly new to the sport.

“I am fairly new to the sport so I still have a lot to learn and experience throughout my upcoming year.”

With the chemistry of our baseball team SBHS will surely see this family as winners and soon to be champions to the sport. What makes the bulldogs baseball squad so different than the other

teams is not the record but the bond formed between not only the players but the coaches, showing what it is to truly be a bulldog.