The Seniors Are Ready To Graduate

Cristian Mongrut, Contributer

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It has been a long journey for all the seniors that are graduating this summer. Through-out these four years the students have faced many challenges that were thrown in their way during this path. From a freshmen to a Senior the way the students have grown and learned are now ready for this new transition in their lives. Some might go far away to college, some might stay local or some might even follow their own path that is very different from the rest. From it all each person in the class of 2k18 has one thing in common, they want to be successful and be the generation that will make a difference.

Scholarships awards have been awarded through out this whole year, From a couple thousand to full tuition students are going to take advantage of the many doors that have been opened for them. The dream schools they have imagine going to since they were kids are now becoming a reality. The parents of these students cannot be more than proud, seeing their kids walk down the stage in June is going to mean the world to them. Making the people around the proud and to be strong and confident during these four years, The class of 2k18 is finally ready to enter the real world.

All the lessons and advice given to them are finally going to be put to use. This generation of young adults are going to make a difference.