Gradbash 2k18

Cristian Mongrut, Contributer

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The wait is over for the Seniors at South Broward Highschool, It is time for Grad Bash!! Throughout these four years, the seniors have developed many strong friendships. Now they are ready to have fun and make new memorable memories with their friends for the last time before prom and graduation.

“It is a nice way to spend time with your friends before it is time to graduate” said Senior Nia jean. Many students will not see some of their friends after graduation, fellow classmates that they’ve greeted in the hallways and hangout with during school events.

The memories are strong and this last trip will be remembered. In a few years some might come across one another and remember this trip, remember all the stuff they went through in high school and laugh.

“The time flew since the beginning of the year,” added Nia Jean, “It is finally their time to celebrate this event and enjoy the limited time the have with their fellow peers. It is time to make memories.”