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Stress during a test.

Stress during a test.

Stress during a test.

Tips and Tricks for Stress From Testing

      Starting Tuesday, April 17th, students at South Broward began taking tests that can powerfully dictate the future of their academic careers. The testing continued in increments throughout the following few weeks. High school sophomore, Deni Kostadinova, stated “I am fully prepared for all my tests. I have been studying for a while now so I feel ready, however, I still can’t shake the stress that comes with the approaching testing date.”

      The last of the super-testing will take place in early May. Students who have gone through tremendous stress due to academic testing standards gave helpful tips to testing without stressing. These tips are…

  1. Eliminate options you know to be incorrect.
  2. Eliminate options that are completely unfamiliar.
  3. Give each option of a question the “true-false test”.
  4. Question options that contain negative or absolute words.
  5. Preview the test—answer questions you are sure about first.
  6. Read through the test a second time and answer more difficult questions.
  7. If two alternatives seem correct, compare them for differences,  then refer to the stem to find your best answer.

Now, whenever you take a test, follow these simple rules, and you might be in for a nice surprise when your score is better than you expected.

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