What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day


Max Neuberger, Contributor

With mother’s day fast approaching, there’s plenty of children who may be planning some kind of big present- be it some nice clothes, jewelry, or a gift card to your local manicure place.

Others are probably content with a card they found at Target with a cheesy punchline and a few “I love you’s” written inside.

However, what a lot of kids may not realize is that maybe your mother doesn’t want any spent money on your part. Whether it’s a $50 ring, or a $5 card, if it seems like an obligation rather than a genuine show of appreciation for all the hard work she puts in, it may feel a bit empty.

Here’s a few suggestions that might show rather than say just how much you love and appreciate your mom:

1. Breakfast in bed. You truly can’t go wrong with a nice surprise to start off her day, and even if it’s toast with orange juice and not some meticulously crafted meal, she can surely appreciate the effort.

2. Take her out on a date. It doesn’t have to be to some expensive diner or restaurant either- just find out where she likes to spend her time at, be it the beach or the nearby park, and take her there for some mother-child time.

3. Clean and organize the house. Make things nice and tidy and clean for a change and as well as giving your poor mother a day off from her daily duties, you might gain some recognition of her efforts when you try scrubbing the toilet for once.

4. Write her a card. While there’s plenty of people who enjoy a classic cheesy joke card, a genuine letter from her kid would show your mom exactly how much love you have for her. You can even stuff it inside one of those joke cards for added effect.

5. Make dinner. Similar to making mom breakfast in bed, although this one requires a little bit more cooking skills. Although, even frozen hot dogs can be made special with the right presentation.

6. A collage or a scrapbook. You might have to be a bit more handy with arts and crafts, but with a fair amount of effort poured into these presents, it’d be the perfect gift to give to your mother on her special day. It won’t even matter if it’s held together by stick glue and staples, because as long as it’s made with love, she’ll love it all the same.

It’s perfectly fine to give your mother a nice night out or a beautiful piece of clothing or jewelry, and she’d probably appreciate it plenty if it’s coming from her child.

However, the love and appreciation that you might want to show your mom on mother’s day isn’t always achievable through material gifts like those. Take any of these suggestions and make them your own, and mom is sure to be pleased with your thoughtfulness. My own mom had this to say about the upcoming holiday:

“Mother’s day has become something more commercial than it should be, like it’s a day for spending money rather than for moms. I think any mom would like something from the heart instead of things like that.”