In Gun Control Debate, Learn from Mistakes of Drug War

Andrej Petreski, Contributor

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Gun control has been an issue for years and recently it has been getting more recognition. Some people think that gun control isn’t the solution, but it’s another problem arising. Getting stricter gun laws will only limit the use of guns from law abiding citizens. It won’t lower the mass shootings that happens in the United States every year. The law-abiding citizens don’t like the idea of having stricter gun laws.

I think gun control should stop getting stricter as it would only limit the guns of the good citizens of the United States. I also think that the laws of the United States wouldn’t apply to criminals because they don’t care if they break the rules. I feel that these gun laws are useless because it limits citizens from getting guns while letting the criminal buy guns off the black market. This would only lower the amount of weapons owned by citizens.

The government should loosen the laws on firearms and they might lower the amount of mass shootings in the United States. In the situation firearms are being limited and they’ll eventually be banned. The War of Drugs in 1971 had the same affect with drugs as gun laws have to firearms. This was the biggest battle that occurred in the United States and it happened when Richard Nixon announced that drugs were “the public enemy number one.” This only escalated so far because the laws on drugs were too strict and eventually turned drugs illegal. With the drugs being illegal they were sold on the black market.

Gun control is a controversial topic and it shouldn’t be handled with a grain of salt. Gun laws are too strict on gun owners. Although gun owners have bought weapons for mass destruction doesn’t mean they’ll use it to kill people. Most of these gun owners are more careful then citizens without firearms. The government should do something about gun control.