The Ghost of Sparta Returns


Daniel McClymont, Contributor

God of War is a video game series set around Greek mythology until the newest edition of God of War, which is set in Norse mythology. The most recent God of War is set sometime after God of War III: when you start the story you don’t know much of what has happened in the many years between the third and fourth game except that he survived killing himself, he is now in Norse mythology, he got a new wife by his side, Faye, who is dead from the beginning, and a son, Atreas.


The main goal of the game is to spread your wife’s ashes, Faye’s, at the highest point in all of the norse realms. The tallest point is a mountain in Midgard, but Kratos does not go because he does not think his son is ready for the challenges of the outside world and thinks he is reckless because he does not know how to control his temper. Kratos doesn’t decide to go until a strange man randomly appears at his door saying,“I know who you really are,” and that he was sent by Odin. The stranger cannot feel pain which makes the boss fight in the game very exhilarating and I think it’s one of the best boss fights i’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. After Kratos defeats the stranger he embarks on a journey to the top of the mountain with his son to spread his wife’s ashes.

The entire game is one shot meaning the camera never cuts away from Kratos through the entire game which is very impressive considering how amazing the game looks, that it never really needs to load. There are technically loading screens when you’re on an elevator or going through a small crack in the wall, but it is still impressive that there is never a true loading screen that takes away from the game itself.


The gameplay is absolutely amazing with a challenge at first, but once you get the hang of it, the game becomes easier to maneuver while still being challenging. The game has a gear system which means that you can craft or find different armour sets to upgrade your strength, defence, runic attack, cooldown, luck, and vitality. Your weapon can also be upgraded as well as your son, Atreas.


This is by far one of the best games I have ever played and is definitely the best Playstation exclusive. God of War is on the same level as The Last of Us and the Uncharted series in terms of graphics, gameplay, and story.

If I had to give God of War a rating it would definitely be a 10 BOY out of 10 BOY. I recommend you checkout this amazing piece of art for yourself as it will truly change your perspective on the gaming industry and the word “BOY.”