Trumps Deems Iran Deal Dead

Trump pulling out of the Iran deal, but not entirely.

Trump pulls out of Iran deal early Tuesday.

Trump pulls out of Iran deal early Tuesday.

Jake Anderson, Writer

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Early Tuesday morning President Trump announced that he was pulling out of the Iran deal. He was criticized by several members of the intelligence community for doing this, some even claiming that it’s a mistake.

Even Ex-President Obama commented on the issue claiming it’s ‘misguided’, however others claim that he’s surrounded by intelligent people that came to the conclusion that pulling out of the Iran deal was a decent decision.

Iranian lawmakers are currently extremely upset with the President, even claiming that it was wrong to do such a thing.

What many don’t understand is the fact that the deal was mostly one-sided supporting Iran and Iran solely giving them money to develop nuclear weapons. So, Trump’s decision was overall a little misguided however it had some decent facts backing it up. Let’s all just pray that Iran won’t nuke us any time soon though.