Hawaii Volcano Eruption Forces Locals To Flee Area

Eruption of volcano last Wednesday or 5/13/18 was expected.

Jake Anderson, Editor

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Yesterday, on May 13th, a volcano named ‘Kilauea’ erupted causing thousands to evacuate from the area. A reddish-orange flow of lava came down the streets of Hawaii destroying thousands of houses in the process and a dense, choking smog is causing all sorts of people around the island to suffocate. The fog can cause really bad burns on the skin and even death if one stays in the area too long.  The worst part of the eruption now is steam explosions caused by the lava mixing with groundwater. This mixture causes pebble-like projectiles going at high speeds t0 launch around the island, possibly severely injuring anyone who is hit by one. Additionally, a worse type of fog dubbed by scientist as ‘volcanic smog’ is causing all to not be able to live in the area without severely injuring themselves or getting irreversible health problems. All these factors cause respiratory problems like trouble breathing. Local authorities estimate that residents who have homes on the island won’t be able to return to their residences for at least two weeks.