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Elijah Reyes

Elijah Reyes is an artistically talented 15-year-old 9th grader, who is passionate about school. Getting to know new people is a challenge he faces in high school, though he is very easy to talk to and making new friends shouldn’t be much of a problem for him. Elijah describes himself as “a cool, athletic and friendly person,” and his favorite movie is Bolt. His academic strength is in math, while his weakness is reading. Outside of school, he attends boxing classes and over the weekend he spends time with family. He plans to walk away from high school with a diploma in hand and an acceptance letter to the college of his choice.

Elijah lived in New York for 4 years, and stated that,”The last time I was there, there was an alligator in the subway.” He also had managed to pet the alligator while his mother stood close by yet not anywhere near the animal. He also wants to join the cross country team. If there was one thing he would want to change about himself, he would make himself taller. Something cool about his family is that his parents went to the same middle school and officially met in church before dating in high school, they’ve currently been together for 17 years and Christmas will mark their 18th anniversary.

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