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Tatiana Levy

Tatiana Levy is a junior from South Broward High School. She loves swimming and is currently on the water polo team at school. After school, she usually just goes home or goes to practice. Her team is like a second family to her since she’s very close with them. Tatiana has one brother. Her family is from Brazil. Tatiana and her brother can both speak Portugese fluently. After high school she plans on going to college, but she doesn’t know what she wants to be doing yet. When she’s with her friends, she likes to hang out at beach or the movies. Her best friend is Graceann. She isn’t really a school person and hates studying, she still wants to do well in school. She is very social and likes to meet new people. Tatiana wants to keep making new friends. It doesn’t matter what she is talking about, she’ll get into the conversation quickly. Her birthday was on August 16th and she just spent it at home with her family, not really doing anything special. If she could describe herself in a couple of words, it will be “an active, social butterfly.”

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