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Mr.Felipe is a World History teacher, and also the basketball coach.

Since 5th grade he has known that he wanted to be a teacher, he try’s keep his classes interesting by interacting with the students, making conversation and small jokes that keeps the class up beat and exciting. Students of Mr.Felipe love him as a teacher because he is super funny and cracks a lot of  Star Wars jokes, and other random things that make the whole class laugh.

Mr.Felipe loves to watch Star Wars and calls himself a Jedi because he’s a master of catching students on their phone, he claims he can “use the force” to sense when somebody is using their phone or when the class bell is gonna ring.

He has a very open mind and heart that makes everything better for learning. His interactive assignments are very helpful with getting to know the lessons he teaches, he really puts you into the places of the past and helps you connect them with recent times through his assignments.



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