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Karla Reyes

Karla Reyes is a 15-year-old sophomore at South Broward High School. This is her second year attending the home of the bulldogs, and she is a big fan of this school. Before she came here her grades were starting to bubble and drown. South Broward provided her with the help and assistance she required to pass.

Her goal in life is to be happy and to make a lot of money from work to provide for her family. Reyes wants to have a career in real-estate. She feels the need to help other families find the perfect home because she is a self proclaimed ‘Humanitarian’. Her favorite artist ever is notorious hip-hop legend Biggie Smalls because he gave back to his community and remained humble even though he literally came from nothing to something. Karla has a few siblings but she has one sister from her moms side of the family and loves her to death and will do anything to make sure her sister is ok because “blood is thicker then water”. Reyes’s greatest fear is to be unreliable because people who are unreliable can’t be trusted and it may affect certain relationships she may have with people and if she can’t be trusted how can she trust herself. Reyes was the same one who convinced me to attend SBHS in the first place.

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