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Freestyle Fridays at South Broward

Melissa Alvarez, Contributer

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Rap. Not only is it a very popular genre of music in today’s era, but also, for many it’s a form of expression. Sometimes, many people don’t know how to communicate how they’re feeling into words. Some may write about it, put it in their art pieces, or put it in their dance routine; and then there’s others who like to put all those emotions in their music. Rap has a hidden meaning to it, and if you just take the time to really listen to what those lyrics are saying, you may or may not find yourself relating deeply to what that person has to say. Luckily, here at South Broward High school, we have an event called “Freestyle Fridays” that gives students the chance to showcase exactly that. Which also if you didn’t catch onto it, takes place every Friday!

Located in the media center During A and B lunch, Freestyle Friday encourages all teens to come and witness first hand, a variety of young rappers, take the mic and show the school what freestyles they have to offer. Most of them are very light-hearted and funny, which gives students an enjoyable past-time to spend their lunch period, and some freestyles have a deeper message that gives students insight, and an inside look on what that person feels passionate about. Regardless, whether you come alone or with friends, the environment defiantly makes one feel as if they are at a live concert! Also if you think that you have what it takes to freestyle, and love a friendly competition, Ms.Riddlehover also encourage everyone to come in and sign up! So, this Friday make sure to pass by the media center, and see for yourself what students are free-styling about.

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Freestyle Fridays at South Broward