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Valery Lenti

Valery Lenti

Another Band Director Steps Up to the Podium

 They say, “the third time’s the charm”. Hopefully, that’s the case for South Broward High School’s band.

Band students at South Broward High school have a had three band directors in the past three years. Because of this, the bands routine, performance and over all attitude has been very different each year.  

They had a very successful band director Mr. Scott. Many people had known him for the bulldog marching band and for going to Carnegie Hall in New York.  When people found out he was leaving they were extremely upset because of all the fun and amazing experiences they’ve had with him.  

The summer he left, the students were introduced to Mr. Reid. Some students described that year as “a bit of a drag” due to Scott leaving, but also because of all the miscommunication between Reid, administration and the students. Everything last year, they describe as always feeling last minute or rushed, with that they were never able to reach their full potential with him. All the exciting plans that he had seemed to have sadly never came through. 

This year, Mr.Esquilin and his experience with music performance and teaching gives the band high hopes for this school year. Although he has an amazing list of things he’s done so far in his career, what are the students’ opinion on all the changes that have been happening these past three years and what do they think of the promising new director.     


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Hector Pagan is a 10th grade and trumpet player in the SBHS band. Pagan has been in band since middle school, and knows the importance of having organization in a band. With his involvement in the band he has recognized how Mr. Esquilins organization has impacted the band and many ways.   “What do you thinks of Esquilin?”  “He’s organized. When he wants something done he will actually get it done  no matter what. If he can do it then its already done, there’s no “oh I can’t do this!” if he gets his mind set on someth...

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