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Finding Fido A Forever Home

On Sunday, September 16 at Aventura Mall, there were dog adoptions hosted by the Humane Society. They started off with 6 dogs, all different breeds and sizes, and ended with 2 at the end of the event. It started at 2:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm.

A volunteer named Jackie that was part of the event, has been volunteering and working with the Humane Society for 10 years and personally loves to see the animals they bring, to find a home. Their goal at the end of the day was to get all the dogs a proper home and leave with enough donation and adoption money for the animals back at the shelter.

The donations help provide food, shelter, and other proper care for the animals. Jackie stated that the most dogs that get adopted at the event are smaller dogs, the dogs that don’t get adopted are either brought back or kept at the shelter the next time they do the event again.

Jackie also said that they chose to do this at the mall because “it’s more organized and it allows people to come out and browse.”

Finding volunteers isn’t a problem for them, they just need people who have the time to come out and help. Dogs are the only animals they bring because the other animals would need to be in cages. Adopting a dog is quick and easy to do; you just pick a dog, sign the paperwork, pay the cost, and go home with a new friend. Puppy’s cost up to $195, adult dogs cost around $135; but it varies on the age of the dog. They hold the event at the mall most of the time but other times, they do it at pet stores.

The main goal of this event is to help dogs get adopted. Most dogs could get adopted in days, weeks, or even months depending on how much they’re taken to the mall to try to get a dog owner’s attention for a good home. The adoption papers are simple and easy. According to some of the photos taken during the event we were allowed to take photos of an adoption packet that gives us information about the dog that the person is considering to adopt and take home.

The adoption packet gives information about where the dog came from, how old is the dog, and how healthy the dog is. It can give personal information that the dog owner would want to know about the dog before taking it home. Also in the packet it gives tips, and steps to help care for the dog. It gives information that will be helpful for the dog owner to use while they are taking care of it.

In the end, this event helps gets dogs big and small to get great homes. The volunteers are awfully nice and will gladly help find the perfect dog to adopt to take home.They’ll also provide great advice and help if any help is needed to take care of the dog.

This event isn’t that big but not that small. So, pass by the event of Find Fido A Forever Home in Aventura Mall before it lasts. To see some dogs trying to find homes. And maybe consider giving a dog a home yourself.

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