Bulldog Bark

Adrianna Mitchell
This is Adrianna Mitchell, and this is her senior year at South Broward High School. What interests her about journalism is writing. She signed up for this class because she felt as though it would be interesting considering the fact that she is a good writer. Academically, her greatest strength is writing and her greatest weakness is math. Adrianna is passionate about health and fashion. When she is not in school, she's either shopping or working. She aspires to become a Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology. In 10 years from now, Adrianna sees herself working hard in her field while traveling tropical locations such as Australia, Bali, and Costa Rica on her free time. Adrianna considers herself a cat because she is independent. Her favorite type of food is Italian food. Adrianna's favorite genre's of music are Indie, Hip Hop and R&B. Her favorite television show is "Law and Order: SVU". If she could improve any part of herself it would most definitely be her self confidence.

Adrianna Mitchell, Contributor

Mar 15, 2018
Escape the internet: Digital Detox (Story)
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