Alexandra Realmuto
Alexandra was interested in journalism cause of the photography, she liked the idea of being able to take pictures even though she expected the class to be a lot of work. She is passionate about photo taking and she admires taking photos of people in the moment. Alexandra’s biggest strength is reading although her weakness is math. However she’s in Journalism, Alexandra likes conspiracy theories. Alexandra is able to play ukulele and piano in addition she’s  in Drama club. On the subject of jobs she doesn't have a job but she does indeed volunteer. In fact she likes to inspire people, and wants to be a teacher so she can do just that. Like anyone else, Alexandra does have a fear and she fears any type of house invasions, considering she dealt with a traumatic event in her life that made her fear these said invasions. On the other hand on dreams, she’d like to live in New York. To include on other things about Alexandra that she enjoys, she likes cats and tends to wear, Jeans, Adidas, crop tops and shorts and her favorite color is blue. Her favorite movie is, “To the boys i've loved before” and her favorite animal is a Yorkie dog and she finds them rather adorable and small.

Some facts about her Alexandra Realmuto are that she has a phobia of bees from a traumatic event that happened at a field trip that led to her getting chased by bees, if she were to have a superpower she’d like to have the ability to read people minds. As for siblings she has, 2 brothers one being a step brother, and 2 step sisters. The school she went to before ending up in the grade she is in now was Apollo middle school. She is 14 years old and is now a freshman, and is enjoying high school so far. She wants to go to Columbia University when she gets to college. To conclude with the facts and basic summary on Alexandra Realmuto, she loves mango juice and likes to watch youtube.

Alexandra Realmuto, Editor

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