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Angelica Montas
This is Samantha Ruiz, she's a sophomore here at South Broward High School. When school is over she likes to go home and nap. Ruiz is not interested in sports or clubs and she does not work, but she loves writing and journalism. She aspires to be an author in ten years.

She looks up to her friends and her role model is her mom. She wants to live a good life. In ten years she would like to travel to Argentina, South Korea, and England.

Ruiz's favorite music is pop or rap, but she dislikes rock. Three people she would like to meet are Dua Lipa, Ozuna, and Harry Styles. If she could be someone for the day, it would be no one. If she had superpowers, she would want to read minds.

Ruiz is interested in journalism, but she originally signed up because she didn't have any other electives. Her greatest strengths are in writing and her weakness is math. She loves to read books.

She would never be caught stealing, she hates it. Her ideal outfit would be jeans and a hoodie. Ruiz loves Colombian food from her country.


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