Avril Martinez

Avril Martinez is a freshman attending South Broward High School.

Her interest in journalism comes from the ability to take lots of cool photos for the school website. Even though she didn't sign up for the class, she's beginning to get the hang of whats going on.

The most important thing that Martinez is passionate about is music such as Latin and trap because she can dance to it, but she dislikes hard metal/rock music. In school, Martin is very good at math but she struggles with her English class.

However, during her free time she enjoys reading books; mostly about romance. Outside of school she likes to play soccer with friends and family. She often watches soccer on TV; her favorite team being Argentina. She's a big soccer fan, but it's mostly because she's also from Argentina.

After high school, in around 10 years, she hopes to be in medical school studying heart surgery. Her signature attire is to wear over sized t-shirts with jeans and sneakers.

If Martin were able to meet three of her favorite singers/bands, she would meet Bad Bunny, Chris Brown, and One Direction. After she finishes high school, she has three places she would love to travel to: Spain, Greece, and Argentina. These places are beautiful to her. Her favorite colors are colors are blue, burgundy, and yellow. Lastly, if Martinez could have one superpower, it would be able to read peoples minds because she would want to know what people are thinking of her.



Avril Martinez, Editor

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