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Brianna Martin
Brianna Martin is a passionate, sincere, kind-hearted young lady. She has a hand for writing and a special love for photography and although she was not meant to be placed in journalism she is interested and devoted for what she has. Bri has a passion for music and enjoys listening to EDM music whenever she gets the chance. Brianna takes schooling very seriously and puts her best foot forward every single day, she excels in writing and reading but she asks to never be given a mathematical equation, it's like an alien language to her. Speaking of aliens if Brianna had a choice to live in another world she would love to be part of Pandora the world in the avatar because she describes it as “remarkably, outstandingly, and stunningly hot” then she added in “plus the blue people are beautiful.” 

Brianna is sixteen and became a student at South Broward High as a sophomore last year. Brianna met many different people who all touched her heart in different ways, one person who she grew close with is her boyfriend, David Ryabov. If Bri was asked to become a different person for an entire day she would switch with David to know what he thinks and how he feels, and to know what it's like to be a guy. Brianna is a very nice and polite girl but, she thinks she gets annoyed to easy and hopes to work on being a calmer person. After talking with Brianna and getting to know her on a more personal level I found to many unique things about her and noticed how great of a person she is. 

Brianna Martin, Editor

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