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Camila is not just another typical freshman, she has a great passion for the art of photography. She’s happiest when she takes pictures and edits the images using filters to give them a more aesthetic look. When entering high school she just had to try out journalism because it contains her favorite hobby. Her favorite part about journalism is how she interacts with students and teachers. She also likes to be informed about the school's events. Keeping up with celebrities in their daily lives is how she spends a lot of her time. She also focuses on techniques professional hosts use to interview celebrities to her advantage.    

Camila’s greatest academic strength has always been the study of history because she likes learning about the past. If she could have any superpower she would choose teleportation, the thought of visiting any time period amazes her. Her favorite color is black because it is easy to accessorize and match with. Camila’s greatest academic weakness is the field of mathematics.  Due to this, she dedicates a lot of her free time to studying and practicing to improve. Besides photography, some other of her favorite hobbies include giving her opinion and trying new fashion trends, spending time with her friends and loves to eat pasta.

Since this is Camila's first year at South Broward High School, she is looking forward to joining many clubs with her friends. In middle school she was shy, but this year she has decided to leave that behind and be more of an extrovert. Camila hopes to have the best four years making lots of wonderful memories before graduating and receiving her medical degree when she graduates college. In 1o years she sees herself in her own private plastic surgery practice with many degrees on her wall. This year some of her goals consist of improving in math and getting even better at writing. Although, she is going to be a doctor she never wants to abandon writing or photography. Camila sees this journalism class as a first step toward a bright future.


Camila Pemberty, Contributor

Oct 09, 2018
Jonathan Bagiotti (Story)
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