Camyron Kauffmann
Camyron Kauffmann is a south Broward high school student.His interest in journalism lies in photography, as it's something that he wants to improve on. He did not sign up for the class, but he is up for the challenge. Ever since middle school, the one subject that he thrives in is math. The subject that he does not thrive in is English class, which he's struggled with since the fifth grade. His favorite type of movie and book is action and adventure, and he reads whenever he has the free time to do so.

His favorite thing to do after school is go to the movies and hang out with friends and family. He does not have a job but is looking forward to getting one. His favorite sport is basketball, and he may try out this season.  His role models are his parents, because they have very successful jobs and lives that he wants to emulate. His favorite type of music is rap/pop, while his least favorite is country. His favorite color is blue. If he could have any superpower it would be the power to be invisible.

Camyron Kauffmann, Contributor

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