Bulldog Bark

Carlos Flores is a junior at South Broward High School, and what interests him about journalism is photography, even though he didn't sign up for the class.

What Carlos does on his free time is chill with his friends all day, when he's off from his job at the grocery store. Carlos aspires to be a good businessman and a young entrepreneur in 10 years or less. Carlos academic weakness is math but his greatest strength is U.S. history because that's one of the classes he mostly likes.

One famous person that Carlos thinks is he's cool is Kodak Black because he came up from being a nobody to becoming an award winning rapper. Where he came from means a lot to Carlos. Even when he was going through problems with the law, he still kept his head up and never gave up, and Carlos still had faith in him and his music.

Carlos's biggest fear is heights, especially when being in an  airplane. The type of music Carlos likes is only rap and he dislikes country music and rock.

Carlos Flores, Contributor

Mar 01, 2019
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