Bulldog Bark

Charles Latimore is very dedicated athlete that plays on the varsity basketball team at South Broward High School. When he is not in school, he usually is working out or hanging out with friends and family. He doesn't work as of now because he would rather focus on school and basketball. As of other after school activities, Latimore is in the Ebony Club and hopes to also be in DECA. Reason being for joining these clubs, is that he had never been part of one and wanted to try it this year. Some fears he has, is not being successful to support his family and himself. He hopes one day to be a professional basketball player and to be a business accountant, for a top tier incorporation. Lebron James, one of his role models, inspires him greatly on chasing his dreams as a professional basketball player. Also, because Lebron James is a professional basketball, he uses his platform to help others around the world to have better lives. He also uses his platform to announce his political views on our country, that he very much agrees with. In ten years, Charles sees himself being a professional basketball player and also being a successful business man as well.

Charles Latimore, Contributor

Feb 20, 2019
Wesley Telfort (Story)
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