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Daniela Villafane
  Meet Daniela Villafane a 15-year-old high school student who attends South Broward High School and is an aspiring surgeon. She signed up for the class so that she can spread the news to everyone.  From this class, she expects to take her photography skills to a new level. 

       Villafane is passionate about animals. Her favorite animal is the dolphin. A great advantage about Villafane is that she is able to memorize things easily. A disadvantage about her is that she gets distracted easily.  Villafane gets most other information from Instagram. She usually checks Instagram everyday but not for long. Villafane enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with her friends.  

     Villafane swims as a recreational activity. Her inspiration is Shakira. When asked why Shakira is her inspiration, she responded “Well, because she is Latina.” She said, “When she was going to sing her first song in English everyone though that she was going to have an accent, but she sang without any accent.”   

      Villafane’s music interests include many things but the genre she listens to the most is pop. Her favorite singer is Shawn Mendez. Villafane’s usual daily wear include a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. Some of her favorite things include Titanic, pasta, dolphins, roses, blue, and “Go Ask Alice” which is a book by Beatrice Sparks. Some places that she would like to visit is Dubai, Paris, and Italy.  

       In ten years, Villafane would like to be a surgeon. The main reason that she would like to be a surgeon is to help people. If she was able to have superpowers, she would become invisible. 

Daniela Villafane, Contributor

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