Bulldog Bark

Meet Faith Evans, an incoming freshman from Olsen Middle, who lives in a lively Hollywood home of five. She has a love for science and an appreciation for art of painting and drawing.

She aspires to be a veterinarian and hopes to help her mom buy a beautiful home one day. Faith also loves to read, play video games and has a serious interest in photography which lead to her curiosity in Journalism.

Although she was born in Fort Lauderdale and moved to Orlando before finally settling in Hollywood, her parents have roots in Jamaica and the United States. She plans to go to Russia, Japan, and the Bahamas in the future.

Faith also get pleasure from listening to music specifically pop and rap. Her favorite musical artists include Ski Mask, XXXtentaction, and Kendrick Lamar.

Faith’s role model is rapper J Cole because of his stress-free, nonchalant attitude. Faith also enjoys watching movies, but the ‘Avatar’ is her all-time favorite. She also spends her pastime on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat

Faith Evans, Contributer

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