Bulldog Bark

Frank Williams
   Frank is in to journalism, he likes to do it because he want to learn how to Photoshop, and also because he loves photography. Frank isn’t only passionate for journalism he also has the same desire for music and art. Frank aspire to be a rapper or business model. Although you would think he is interested in many types of genres of music, he only listens to hip-hop and loathes country the worst. Something to know about Frank is that he is great at critical thinking than anything else, even math he say's his least favorite.

 Other than Frank rapping or working on journalism, he spends a lot of time on social media for about 2 hours just to see the latest news all around the world that he may want to talk about. Frank favorite snack to eat when he has the munchies is a nice peanut butter jelly sandwich. In the next 10 years Frank would want to be living in a big mansion in Tokyo with his family and friends. On his way to success he would’ve love to meet XXX tentacion, Dr. Sebi, and Tupac, he would also want to visit his favorite 3 places in the world; Tokyo, Egypt, Swaziland. Other than visiting places he also would like to rule Africa because he respects their culture.

Frank Williams, Contributor

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