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Isabel Gleeson
   Isabel Gleeson is a curious soul, seeking adventure behind the lenses of a camera. She is a motivated web designer and catches the thrill in any moment. With journalism being one of her interests in school, she figured why not and try it out? She hopes to develop stronger photography skills and to excel in becoming a more profound and detailed writer. With her passion being the foundation of her success, there is no preventing her from accomplishing her goals. Her academic strengths lie in the study of science and along with her academic weaknesses, she is quite awful in historical studies and finds no appeal really when it comes to English literature. Media that interests her is mostly along the lines of social media, including Instagram etc. , books and as she would put it in her own words, “Poemy-book-type-things.” If she is engaged by the text while reading, she claims she could read for hours at a time. Astonishing isn't it?

 If you enjoy playing volleyball, then Isabel is the girl for you. But if you simply wish to chill then she has no problem watching some Netflix originals with you too. Just remember to bring popcorn. Although she's already as sweet as sugar, she wishes to improve herself more to always have a positive attitude, even in bad situations. Her longing power is to be invisible so that she can easily sneak in airplanes and travel anywhere in the world. A genius master plan if you ask me. You might see her usually wearing a sweatshirt with some jeans and vans to give off her summer vibes along with her Bob Marley music playing in the background. She aspires to be dedicated to all obstacles in life whether good or bad and to face any problem head-on. This fifteen-year-old young lady is bright and looks forward to a future with college degrees and a long-lasting career. She will do whatever it takes to make sure her future is a happy future.  So, I recommend you befriend her ASAP!

Isabel Gleeson, Editor

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