Bulldog Bark

Bulldog Bark

Isabella  Yzusqui


Isabella is a young journalist who is very passionate towards animals and getting to know people better. She loves helping people who needs it most. Isabella loves journalism because she says her father and grandfather did it traditionally. Some of her greatest interests are spending family time, reading, magazines about celebrities, her fears are sometimes airplane, her hopes is to have a successful career, and her dream is to someday help her family when she gets the chance to.

Isabella is English and science brain you can go to her for help anytime her weakest subject is math but someday she will indeed get it an love it. She wants to visit Italy, Greece, and NewYork.

Isabella’s role model is her mother and her big brother.

Isabella a nice loving and quiet person and her personality rocks, she is fun to be around.




Isabella Yzusqui, Contributor

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