Bulldog Bark

Jaydin Jackson
The 14-year-old freshman, Jaydin Jackson, is a major soccer fan. With his favorite team being Real Madrid and favorite player being Ronaldo, there is no doubt in understanding his passion for soccer and dream to be a professional player for Manchester United. But when referring to his current life as a South Broward student, he is currently enrolled in Journalism class not because he wanted to but, because his 8th grade English teacher saw a potential in his writing.

After high school, he aspires to have a career in architecture and engineering, if he does not make it as a soccer player. The XXX Tentacion fan has a fear of only medium sized spiders, because he was bit by one in his backyard when he was four. He’s never alone, because he is always surrounded by his friends due to his funny and great personality.

Jaydin Jackson, Contributor

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