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Jessica Moyse
Jessica Moyse is a 15-year-old, South Broward student, who deeply wishes to express her opinions more and build her confidence. She loves to study, go on social media, and listen to all types of music. During her interview, Moyse also mentioned how much she enjoys sleeping and being alone. When talking to Jessica you can tell that she is a laid-back individual. She also takes care of her niece and nephew and handles many responsibilities around the house, even though she tends to do many of them last minute. She also watches Netflix at home.

Moyse's main goals in life include: having a degree, gaining confidence within in herself, and trying new things. In 10 years, Jessica hopes to have achieved her goal of obtaining her degree and have a stable income and home. Some current things she is looking forward to are joining peer counseling and participating in an organization that helps animals. Jessica’s current role model is Nicki Minaj because she has a lot of confidence and does not care about what people think of her. Ultimately, Jessica hopes to not only grow individually but also academically. By Senior year, she hopes to reach many of these goals. Even though it is a tedious task, she knows anything is possible as long as she puts her mind to it.

Jessica Moyse, Contributer

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