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Jonathan Bagiotti
Jonathan Bagiotti is a freshman at South Broward High School, his older sister, a senior also attends. When it comes to journalism he is mostly interested in photography and expects to expand his knowledge of journalism with this class. Bagiotti is very intelligent, with math being his strongest subject, he is currently taking Algebra II Honors as a freshman. However, he really doesn’t enjoy studying and struggles a bit when it comes to History. He doesn’t really watch the news but finds things out when they are trending and pop up on his social media feed. In 10 years he hopes to attend college in Florida and wants to enjoy his life and be happy.

Bagiotti comes from an Italian family, but was born in Florida and has grown up here whole life. He has an older sister and one dog. When not at school he is either at a party with friends or at swim practice, which he’s been doing since the age of seven. Bagiotti focuses a lot on staying fit but on his cheat day, you’ll definitely catch him with a slice of pizza. His’s favorite genres of music are Hip-Hop and Rap. Johnathan is obsessed with Nicki Minaj, he looks up to her because she’s bold and doesn’t care what people think; he truly admires her confidence.

Johnathan Bagiotti, Contributor

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