Bulldog Bark

Jon Krawczonek
Jon Krawczonek is a Freshman at South Broward High School. Krawczonek is very passionate about sports. One of his favorite sports teams is Miami Heat. After school, he likes to play video games like Fortnite, Black Ops 4, and 2k 19. His greatest strength academically is math and his weakest strength is reading.

When he's out of school, he aspires to be an engineer. Jon doesn't have any role models and is independent. He only wants to meet two people and that would be his grandpa and Derek Jeter. Also, he dislikes all kinds of music. Some of his fears are spiders, alligators, bugs, and snakes. The main reason Jon is a staff here is that he's interested in graphic design.

Jon Krawczonek, Contributor

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