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Julia Ovalle
It is Julia's first year at South Broward High School. She likes the school because there's lots to do and there are a variety of clubs to choose from. She enjoys writing because you're able to express your feelings and get a glimpse of a real journalist's job. Ovalle started writing when she was nine years old, receiving her writing skills from her dad's side of the family. Ovalle's favorite color is white because it means purity and it matches with everything. Her greatest fear is death because she doesn't want to lose anybody special in her life.  Her favorite pet is a dog because you can play with and pet them. Ovalle's goal this year is to get good grades and make honor roll. In 10 years she wants to have a big family with three kids and a house with her own business office. She also wants to attend FIU and get her bachelor degree.  Last year Ovalle received an award for being the best student in eighth grade. She is a good listener and is regarded by her friends as a person they can talk and confide in. She loves to dance and work out. In the future she wishes to learn more about companies and how to manage them, hopefully leading her into the world of business.

Julia Ovalle, Contributer

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