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Mandee Martinez
Mandee Martinez is a wild and full of energy soul who always has a smile on her face and will always be there to help.

Mandee Martinez joined South Broward High School's Journalism class because she wants to grow and share stories with readers. Her words want to make an impact even if it's with one person.

Mandee would like to use these opportunities to her advantage. She wants to make a difference. She believes that words have different meanings for everyone. Her goal is for her words to mean something to someone and those words to make an impact on their lives.

She has many hobbies such as: writing, eating, sleeping, and sleeping. But when she's not sleeping, she's volunteering somewhere and is helping her community.

She enjoys writing and making an impact on peoples lives with her stories and words. She is a great storyteller, she is also a student athlete who plays soccer, swims and runs track.

She spends her holidays in New Jersey and Las Vegas, her two hometowns.

Mandee is very adventurous and is excited for whats to come with joining Journalism.

Mandee Martinez, Contributor

May 30, 2019
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