Bulldog Bark

Michael Delucca
Michael has been wanting to be in journalism to express his freedom in any topic he can write about. He is passionate about informing our community of what is going on in the school. His greatest academic strength is Science, while his weakness is Math. Michael usually keeps himself informed by reading news through Instagram, Snapchat, Apple News, and CNN. He is very social and has many friends that he hangs out with over the weekends. Michael plays Cross Country which takes up most of his after school time which doesn't allow him to be interested in joining clubs. His only fear is losing everything, such as family, friends, etc. His role model is Jahseh Onfroy (better know as XXXTENTACION) because of the way he impacted Michael's life. He aspires to be just like Jaseh Onfroy. Where he would like to be in 10 years is to be finished with college and a stable job somewhere in California. Michael is a very independent person because he doesn't need to rely on anyone to be himself. If e had to be an animal, he would consider himself to be more of a cat. Michael's ideal outfit is a long sleeve T-shirt, joggers, and whatever shoes he finds. Michael's favorite animal is an elephant. A little-known fact about him is that his favorite color is purple. If he could any superpower it would be to be able to control time.

Michael Delucca, Contributer

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