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Morandi Mansingh
Meet Morandi Mansingh, a 15 year-old sophomore at South Broward High School! Her interest in journalism is writing and she signed up for this class because she found it interesting. She is very passionate about beauty and fashion. Her greatest academic strength is English; her weakest, math. She goes on different types of social media daily. Morandi has a fear of spiders and loves to listen to rap and R&B music. She looks up to her parents and sees them as her role models. In ten years from now, she looks forward to being out of college; determined to be an independent woman! Morandi would absolutely never be caught dead in plaid clothing. Her favorite color is yellow and she likes to eat veggie burgers. When she isn’t learning hard in school, she goes home and sleeps and eat. If she could be anyone for a day, she would be Rhianna to see what it feels like to be a famous celebrity like her for a day.


Morandi Mansingh, Contributor

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