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Renata Hernandez
Renata Hernandez is a 16-year old junior at South Broward High School. The photography aspect of journalism interests her the most and is why she chose to sign up for this class. She loves to take photos in the moment and interview people for her stories. She's also passionate about vlogging on YouTube with her friends and hopes to become a social media influencer.

Her greatest strength overall is being friendly to people who have an overall good vibe and her greatest weakness is in school where she struggles in her language arts class. Overall, she uses SnapChat the most to find out about her friends lives, post about her own, and receive news about the world.

Hernandez's role model for a while now is Shay Mitchel, the actress from the show "Pretty Little Liars", because of her humor and sense of style. However, she loves the life the characters live in New York on "Gossip Girl".

In 10 years, Hernandez sees herself in Pennsylvania after have graduating Penn State University with a major in dentistry. She hopes to be successful and live her life to the fullest before she gets old.

This year she plans on joining Key Club, Journalism Club, Spanish Honor Society, and HOSA. She also plans on making her own club that would be focused on donating time and resources to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.


Renata Hernandez, Editor

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