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Sophia Menacho
Sophia Menacho is a 15 year old freshman at SB who wants to make the world a better place. She believes that acts of violence are not a solution to any problem no matter what the case is. When it comes to Journalism, Sophia is most interested in writing and photography. She signed up for the class because she felt as if it would be a good outlet to let out her ideas regarding future articles and possible stories. Sophia's passionate about become a successful individual in the near future. Her greatest academic strength is law, and her greatest academic weakness is science. She spends her spare time reading articles from CNN to stay updated on what's going on in the world she lives in. When Sophia is not in school, she's most likely with her best friend who makes her laugh uncontrollably. Sophia plans on joining the drama club because she enjoys acting, and thinks it will be a good chance for her to let out her acting skills. She wants to visit Croatia, Thailand, and even Prague someday. 10 years from now Sophia is hoping to have a doctoral degree in psychology, and a Masters degree in criminal Justice/law. She aspires to not only become a successful individual, but she also wants to strive towards this goal independently.

Sophia Menacho, Contributor

Oct 24, 2018
School Spirit is Flowing From SBHS (Story)
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